H Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium - BNBHG9LY6

H Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium - BNBHG9LY6

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  • FREESTANDING WARDIAN CASE TERRARIUM - 28"L x 14"W x 49"H, 4 inch tray, from base of tray to peak of gable interior height is 24". Please see dimensional drawing for more details.

  • METAL DISPLAY CASE - Glass slides into walls and roof of the house, metal has powder coat finish. Unit comes in 3 pieces: table, house and roof section. Assembly requires sliding the glass into place and stacking the sections. Not a 'sealed' terrarium, slight space between glass and metal.

  • TRENDING TERRARIUMS - To access your plants you can remove the roof or the entire house section.

  • HOME DECOR ACCENT - Update and diversify your greenery as often as you like based on season and holiday. From orchids to ivies, this planter blends well with any indoor environment. Its eye-catching design makes a remarkable statement wherever it’s placed.

  • H Potter Promise - H Potter has been proudly serving the home and garden industry as an innovator and a trusted family-owned business. With a wide variety of home and garden products, our mission has been to provide a high quality product to the at-home gardener that is both artistic and functional.

  • H Potter Large Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium

    H Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium - BNBHG9LY6